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Project Description
A .NET library to parse FIT files used by Garmin GPS receivers.

Current Status
Currently FitLib can parse Field Definitions and a limited number Messages related to the "Activity" Document type of FIT file.
The next goal is to provide a strongly typed object model that will allow the data within the FIT file to be exposed in a meaningful way.
At the 1.0 Release version FitLib should be able to fully parse all of the standard Document types defined by the FIT standard.
Manufacturer specific extensions will be added after the 1.0 release.

The FIT format is documented at


version 0.2
  • Strongly Typed Base Document
    • File Information - Done!
  • Activity Document
    • Activity
    • Sessions Done
    • Laps - Done!
    • Records - Done!
  • Device Document
    • software
    • capabilities
    • mesg_capabilities
    • field_capabilities
  • Settings
    • device_settings
    • user_profile
    • hrm_profile
    • sdm_profile
    • bike_profile
  • Handle reading both Little Endian and Big Endian FIT files.
  • Allow manufacturer specific extensions.


ALPHA version 0.1

  • Basic parsing of Field Definitions
  • Parsing the Activity Related message and event fields

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